Look through history of technologies


Visiting the Vienna Technical Museum with my 5-year-old son was an incredible experience. As soon as we walked in, he was in awe of the huge airplanes and helicopters hanging from the ceiling. He asked me all sorts of questions as we explored the exhibits, and I was amazed by how much he was soaking in. We learned about the history of flight and the physics behind it, and he was thrilled to get to touch and interact with the various displays.

We also had a chance to see a model of a steam engine in action, and he was mesmerized by the movement of the gears and the power of the engine. He asked me so many questions about how it worked, and I was happy to explain it to him.

Afterwards, we watched a 3D movie about space exploration, and he got so excited when the astronauts floated around in zero gravity. We also got to visit the planetarium and gaze at the stars in awe. It was an incredible experience for both of us, and I’m so glad we got to share it together.