Alright, folks, let me take you on a ride through one of the coolest train museums you’ll ever visit! On the 16th of July 2023, my son and I embarked on a mission to explore some exciting trains, and boy, did we find a hidden gem in Vienna – the Remise Train Museum.

Remise verkehrsmuseum der Wiener Linien Tickets

So, my little guy, Arad, had this itch to experience different trains, and he was all about metros and city trains that day. We were on a roll, trying out almost every public transportation service in Vienna! We kicked off with City Jet trains from Tulln to Vienna, then hopped onto city trains (Straßenbahnen) and even took a bus to reach the Remise Train Museum. The journey itself was an adventure for Arad, and it set the stage for what was to come.

As we walked up to the museum entrance, we were greeted by train models and a heap of souvenirs – Arad’s eyes lit up! We grabbed our tickets and a question sheet. Here’s the fun part – for each station in the museum, there was a question. If we could answer all the questions correctly by the end of our visit, a little surprise awaited us. Let me tell you, that spiced things up, especially for the little ones. Arad was all in, and he was determined to visit all 20 stations!

Each station was a window into the history of train transportation in Austria and worldwide. We learned about the nitty-gritty technical stuff, like the electronics and mechanics, and got to know the heroes behind the scenes. Arad was on a mission at each station, racing to find the answers as fast as he could. One station had a big train simulator, and Arad couldn’t get enough – he said, “I could stay here all day and drive this simulator.” So, we did, and he honed his train-driving skills like a pro.

We moved through the stations, answering questions left and right, and by the end, we’d pretty much aced it all. Arad’s face lit up when we received surprises from the museum personnel – his joy was priceless. He wanted to buy some train models, but, well, they were a tad pricey, so I promised we’d think about it for his birthday. I reminded him that we already had some train models waiting at home.

And so, we wrapped up our adventure, taking trains and buses back home. You know, seeing that sparkle of joy in my son’s eyes, even over simple things like sitting on a train, is what makes it all worth it. It was a perfect summer day with my boy, and the memories we made on that day will be cherished forever. No matter what the future holds, we’ll always have that beautiful day together. 🚂🤩

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