On 23.04.2023, my son and I embarked on an unforgettable journey aboard the Wachao Bahn Train. This scenic tourist train boasts panoramic windows that allowed us to soak in the picturesque views along the beautiful Donau River. We traveled from Krems an der Donau to Emmersdorf an der Donau, a journey that took approximately an hour. The grape farms that adorned the hillsides were a sight to behold, and the Donau River on the other side was equally stunning.

My son was thoroughly entertained throughout the journey, and we arrived at Emmersdorf train station just in time for lunch. We then took a bus to Melk Castle, which was an absolute marvel. As soon as we caught our first glimpse of the castle, we were mesmerized by its grandeur.

Then we enjoyed a delicious meal at a lovely restaurant in the old city before embarking on a tour of the castle.

The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it was easy to see why. The architecture was a breathtaking representation of the Baroque style, and the castle’s libraries and church were a fascinating sight for me. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the interior areas of the castle, but the views of Melk from the top of the castle were simply astonishing.

After our visit, we took a train from Melk to Krems an der Donau, which included a slow train that happened to be my son’s favorite. We then drove home, which took about one and a half hours in total. The trip was an incredible adventure for my son and me, and we were both grateful for the opportunity to experience it together. To learn more about the history of Melk Castle, please refer to this link.