Hi! I am Mehdi Moradi

During my teenage years, I noticed something amazing in nature: flowers growing in the tough terrain of Taq Bostan mountain in Kermanshah. These flowers, despite the harsh conditions, found a way to thrive among the ancient rocks of Mount Taq Bostan. The rocks seemed unyielding, resisting any sign of life, but the flowers persevered. Their delicate stems pushed through the hard rocks, reaching towards the sunlight.

I am inspired by these flowers because they symbolize resilience and perseverance. Like them, I have faced many challenges in life. But just as the flowers flourish in difficult circumstances, I have found a way to thrive despite adversity.

These flowers teach me that beauty and strength can emerge from the toughest of situations. They remind me that no matter how tough life gets, there is always hope and possibility for growth. Like the flowers on Taq Bostan mountain, I continue to strive for resilience and renewal in my own journey.

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Mehdi Moradi