Trains, this big and noisy transportation vehicle. Maybe it’s because the animations that Arad has seen from the TV or from the games that they are playing in the kindergarten with his friends and they are just making some long train that each of them are pretending to be a wagon of this long train (Ho Ho Chi Chi)!. Maybe because of the many train toys that he has or some other reasons, anyway he loves the trains and because of that we go on 6 July 2023 to another train museum in Vienna.

This train museum is actually an historical train station in East of Vienna which called Schwechat. Still the modernized train station works for the passengers and besides there is it’s Schwechat museum which consists of 4 big saloons that each of them keeps lots of the history from the public transportation system in Austria and Europe.

After we arrived at train station it was about 10 minutes walk to reach the museum. Than we eat some pizza in the garden near the museum and then start our visit of museum. The staff of the museum were really friendly and they gave Arad some sweets after we buy our tickets. Then we go on a guided tour around museum which starts with a ride of an old wooden train with diesel locomotive. After a few minutes we reach to the fist saloon and the guide introduced us to the nostalgic trains in the museum.

It was interesting that the museum guide told us about his travel to Iran when he finds out that we are Iranian! He has a good time in Iran as a tourist in a few years ago and visited most of the touristic cities of Iran. He told us about the interesting things that he has seen in Iran and different cultures that he founded there.

After our guided tour we were free to visit other saloon of museum and we found many things related to the trains and old train stations. Arad really likes it and his eyes was full of the joy when we see each train in the museum. The oldest train locomotive in this museum belongs to a Krauss / München, 1882 model “Ilse“.

It was a memorable visit for me and my son from a nostalgic train museum. One day we will be gone also like all the passengers of these old trains that lots of them are already gone and only a memory of us will remain. Hope to make good memories behind ourselves. After our visit we take a train from Schwechat toward Vienna main train station and then with another train toward Meidling train station and finally we take the REX train toward Tulln. Arad loves our train trip.

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