Last night, on 11.11.2023, Arad stayed with me. It was a momentous occasion, marking the end of several long months. For the first time in what felt like forever, I had the joy of having my son spend the night with me.

Per the agreement inked with his mother, we’ve decided that Arad will have a sleepover with his dad (that’s me!) once every two weeks over the next two months. It’s an experiment of sorts, a chance to see if this arrangement suits Arad, me, and his mother, or if we revert to our old routine – me visiting Arad just one day a week.

The first day

At 3:30 in the afternoon, I eagerly awaited Arad at the Tulln train station. When the train doors slid open, there he was, standing right at the door, ready to leap into my arms. I hugged him tight, showered him with kisses – a reunion long overdue.

We then ventured towards St. Valentin together, and along the way, Arad peppered me with questions about my home. Curious and excited, he couldn’t wait to spend the night under my roof. Upon arriving in St. Valentin, we made a pit stop at the market for a bit of shopping.

The market adventure took an interesting turn when Arad made a beeline for the toy shelf. His choice – two toy air guns. Brilliant, I thought, a perfect way to keep ourselves entertained during our time together, especially since my toy collection is a bit lacking.

Once home, Arad wasted no time. He flopped onto the sofa, immediately asking, “Where’s your TV, Dad?” It seems some cartoon time was in order. As he settled in and unpacked his bags, I busied myself in the kitchen, cooking up a hearty dinner for the both of us. The night had just begun, and it promised to be filled with laughter, questions, and the simple joy of being together. 🌙💙

I pumped up the air mattress for Arad, and you could see the excitement in his eyes. It was his inaugural adventure with an air mattress, and that alone made it special.

As we settled in, I laid down beside him, and he eagerly grabbed a storybook. He’d brought it along, a collection of tales he wanted me to read before we drifted into dreams.

The second day

After a tiring day, we both succumbed to sleep early, recharging for what awaited us the next morning. And what a morning it turned out to be! The first order of business was tackling a massive puzzle I’d picked up for Arad. It depicted continents and countries, showcasing animals and tourist spots. Together, we navigated this intricate map, a beautiful dance of patience, precision, and teamwork, all wrapped up in the shared enthusiasm of father and son.

Post our puzzle conquest, a delightful breakfast awaited us. Then, it was playtime, armed with the toy guns Arad had snagged at the market the day before. Within the confines of my modest abode, we transformed into a battleground of excitement and energy.

We set up a target, took turns firing foam bullets, and like clockwork, Arad emerged as the undefeated champion. The house echoed with laughter, and various games kept us thoroughly entertained. As the day drew to a close, I reluctantly packed up Arad’s backpack, readying ourselves for the inevitable exit.

Arad, having a blast, expressed his desire to stay a bit longer. I explained that school beckoned the next day, and assured him that there’d be plenty of indoor fun awaiting him with his mother. Reluctantly, he agreed, and together we stepped out into the world beyond our cozy haven, cherishing the moments that made our first night together truly unforgettable.

Visiting Lower Austria Museum

Our journey continued as we hopped onto a train bound for St. Pölten. A pitstop at McDonald’s for lunch set the stage for the day’s adventures. A short 15-minute bus ride from the central station led us to the Lower Austria Museum, a place promising a blend of nature and history.

Inside the museum, two realms awaited exploration – the House of Nature and the House of History. The Nature House held a special treat for little ones – a playroom designed just for them. A puzzle book accompanied our museum stroll, encouraging us to seek answers hidden among the exhibits. Arad, with chalk in hand, left his mark on a blackboard, whimsically imagining himself as both midwife and class teacher.

Arad’s curiosity led us through captivating exhibits, his enthusiasm infectious. After soaking up the museum’s wonders, Arad proposed a slow train ride – the kind that stops at every local station. It’s a leisurely journey, taking about an hour to wind our way from St. Pölten to Tulln Stadt station.

The day, filled with laughter, learning, and shared moments, became a cherished memory. Arad gained insights into the world, and I reveled in the joy of spending a night with my son, momentarily easing the ache of loneliness.

A beacon of light in the journey of life

As we boarded the train back home, I reflected on the profound impact a day together can have. These shared experiences, the laughter echoing in the museum halls, and the simple pleasure of a slow train ride, all contributed to a newfound energy. With renewed spirits, I look forward to the next two weeks, eagerly anticipating every moment I get to spend with my son – a beacon of light in the journey of life.

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