Let me share a tale about a fantastic day with my son that we just couldn’t resist repeating. On July 2nd, we put our heads together and decided to head back to the 🐒 Monkey Park in the Millennium Tower of Vienna. Now, we’ve been to this place countless times over the past four years, but let me tell you, the thrill and the sheer fun of it keeps pulling us back for more quality time together.

Arad was in his element, taking those miniature racing cars for a spin, competing with his little buddies. Then he dived into video games with a big gym ball. To control the movement of the main characters in the game you need to move a huge ball. It was in the midday that we found ourselves in the restaurant of Monkey Park! We couldn’t resist indulging in some mouthwatering schnitzel plates.

Now, here’s the twist – Arad’s still a bit hesitant about climbing the ropes. But let me tell you, he’s got the skills to climb to the big play castle and do it solo (at least once). Before this, he always insists that I be right there with him every time. I can’t quite tell if he was on the hunt for a playmate or if it was a case of playing it safe. But you know what? I believe he’s at that age where he can totally conquer it solo, no need for Dad to hold his hand. And this time for the first time proved it for both of us!

After that, we bounced over to the trampoline. Arad, with his boundless energy, joined the gang of little jumpers, leaping around and having a blast. We soaked up some serious fun together, and when it was time to head back, we hopped on the U-Bahn to Heiligenstadt train station and caught the Rex train back to Tulln.

The Monkey Park in Vienna’s Millennium Tower never fails to deliver smiles, laughter, and unforgettable moments. It’s like a magnet for our father-son adventures, and even though we’ve been there countless times, each visit feels brand new. Here’s to more monkeying around and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime! 🐒🎉

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