So, guess what? On June 25th, my son’s train fever struck again, and this time, it took us on an epic ride with one of Austria’s most charming old-school trains. We hopped onto the Salamander train in the picturesque city of Puchberg am Schneeberg, and let me tell you, it was a trip for a fantasy book!

Getting to Puchberg from Tulln an der Donau was a bit of a drive, but trust me, every mile was worth it. The anticipation was real as we boarded the Salamander, all set to chug our way to Bergbahnhof Hochschneeberg, perched up on the High Snowy Mountain. The train ride was about 40 minutes, but time seemed to dance as we soaked in the stunning views. The train uses a rack railway which is a steep grade railway with a toothed rack rail.

Now, let’s talk trains. There are different rides to the mountaintop, like the fancy golden painted train or the ancient steam engines that make appearances on special occasions. But my son, he’s got a thing for the Salamander. Its unique look and those eye-catching paintings had him sold.

As we chugged along, the landscapes of lower Austria painted quite the picture. Sure, there were stations to hop off and grab some local grub, but my little explorer preferred to stay onboard, taking in the scenes from his cozy spot.

Reaching the summit felt like a grand achievement, and guess what? A delicious schnitzel feast awaited us! The restaurant up there was like a nostalgic treasure trove. Packed with vintage odds and ends, it felt like stepping back in time, a true wood-crafted wonderland.

Imagine standing a top one of lower Austria’s highest peaks (about 2000 meters height), soaking in nature’s spectacle through those train windows. No exhaustive hikes, just pure enjoyment and fantastic views. This trip’s a hit across generations – from children to the wise elders, and for all those who adore the beauty of nature.

After hours on the mountaintop, we hopped onto another train, this time descending. And you know what made the ride back even sweeter? Some utterly divine ice cream that had my son grinning ear to ear. As we drove back home, our minds were already spinning with dreams of our next escapades. Trust me, these adventures are the glue that keeps our bond strong and our hearts full of joy. 🚂🏔️

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