On December 28, 2023, I embarked on a stroll in the St. Valentin area near the Herzograd train. The city was draped in a captivating fog, offering a unique spectacle visible from my room. Intrigued by this atmospheric shift, I geared up for a familiar trek, anticipating the chilly embrace typically associated with such weather. Surprisingly, the fog veiled the cold; at a mild 7 °C degrees above zero, the stroll was not just bearable but rather enjoyable.

Covering a distance of around 3 to 4 kilometers, the route commences at St. Valentin, weaves its way through the Herzograd train station, and then loops back to its origin within the serene forested expanse of Herzograd. The trail possesses its own allure, accentuated by today’s dense fog, rendering the forest’s vista elusive, with visibility restricted to a mere 300 or 400 meters. This obscured landscape, a departure from the usual clarity, ushered in a suspenseful ambiance, complemented by the hushed tones prevailing within the heart of the woods.

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