Street Food Market in Valentinum

This weekend was all about making memories with my son, Arad. We kicked off the fun on Friday evening by heading to the Saint Valentine Night Festival, just a stone’s throw away from our house. The festival was buzzing with excitement, filled with the aromas of traditional street foods. Arad’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as we explored the vibrant stalls and indulged in some delicious treats.

Climbing hall Klosterneuburg

On Saturday, we decided to bring a little bit of spring into our home by changing the flowers and refreshing their soil. Arad eagerly lent a hand, his enthusiasm infectious as we worked together to give our apartment a fresh, colorful touch. It was a joy to see him embrace the tasks with such enthusiasm and eagerness to help.

Sunday brought a new adventure as we ventured to Klosterneuburg City, where Arad had signed up for a climbing course at the local climbing hall. Watching him conquer the walls with determination and skill filled me with pride. He showed me his progress and achievements, and I couldn’t help but marvel at his courage and determination.

Football evening with Arad

Later that day, we tackled another task together: changing the tires on the car. With summer just around the corner, it was time to swap out the winter tires. Arad eagerly joined in, relishing the chance to learn something new and be a part of the adult world. His enthusiasm was contagious, and we had a great time working together as a team.

But the fun didn’t stop there. We decided to get creative and build a little cardboard house as a birthday present for Arad’s friend. It was heartwarming to see the joy on his face as he put together the tiny house with care and attention to detail.

Finally, we headed outside to enjoy the glorious weather and play a game of football together. As we kicked the ball around and laughed together, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for these precious moments spent with my son. These simple pleasures and shared experiences are what make weekends with Arad truly special.

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