As a parent, I always look for ways to create unforgettable experiences for my son. And what could be better than fulfilling his love for trains? So, we decided to embark on a journey with the Reblaus Express train from Retz to Dosendorf on a beautiful day of 30.04.2023.

To reach the starting point of our train journey, we drove for about 20 minutes from our home to the Stockerau train station. From there, we took a REX train towards Retz, a small town in the North side of the Donau river. During the journey, we saw vast farming lands, trees, and some wind generators. The fresh and young green color of the leaves was a sight to behold, especially after the good rain that washed them beautifully yesterday. There were also big grape farms in the area, but the grape trees were still without leaves at this time of the year.

After reaching Retz, we spent around 3 hours exploring the town’s old city center and bicycle museum. The museum had an impressive exhibition displaying the history of bicycles from 1820, with over 225 historic bicycles, wheels, two pedal wheels, a steam tricycle model with original drawings, high and low bicycles, and many more. Along with the colorful collection of bicycle pictures, billboards, bicycle parts, and descriptions, it was an insightful experience. While there were other attractions to see in Retz, such as the underground cellar and windmill, we didn’t have enough time or interest to explore them with my six-year-old child.

Finally, we boarded the Reblaus Express, a nostalgic wine and pleasure train, towards Dosendorf. The train connected the vine-covered hills of the Weinviertel with the quiet forests and ponds of the Waldviertel, covering a distance of 40 km. The route took us through extensive forests, small-scale fields, over hills and through river valleys. We were able to discover ten train stations on the way, and there was a restaurant wagon that offered regional food and drinks.

Although the train was old-fashioned with restored seats and wagon designs, it added to the charm and character of the journey.

As a diesel locomotive, the train made an enormous amount of noise during the trip, transporting us at a leisurely pace through soulful landscapes, charming towns and villages, and impressive cultural treasures. We enjoyed a half-day trip on the Reblaus Express, and it will always remain in our memories as a beautiful journey with a nostalgic train.

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